Overview of Nestable Therapy Steps for Gait Training

This physical therapy nesting steps and platform include 3 steps and a large turning platform, each of the three smaller steps can nest inside the next larger one, which is benefit for compact storage and transport.

  • Can be used for crawling or gait training.

  • Includes a large platform that allows for secure turning.

  • Features a compact nesting design with smaller steps nest within each other to conserve space when not in use.

  • 135 kg weight capacity, which can accommodate a wide range of children, teens and adults.

Platform and steps pediatric crawling and gait training system
Nested Climbing Stools Set
Wheelchair training stools

Application of Nested Climbing Stool

  1. The 4-in-1 climbing and gait training nesting steps can be used by therapists to diagnose and treat crawling and walking abnormalities
  2. This nested climbing stool can also work with crawling infants or older children working on gait training.
  3. The nesting training stairs set is the perfect tool for gradually enabling a wheelchair user to transfer to and from the chair independently.
  4. These physical therapy step boxes can also be used as seats for daily life use.
4-in-1 Climbing and gait training nesting steps for walking rehabilitation

Specification of Nesting Step stool for Physical Therapy

  • Model: SH-CTS
  • Height:33-120cm
  • Size: 60*33-120*40cm
  • Load capacity: 135kg
  • Weight: 16kg
  • Material: composite board
  • Distance between 2 steps: 10cm