Overview of Two-Sided Training Stairs with Handrails

Two-sided training stair is a straight staircase with handrails & a platform, which provides a sturdy option for use in the rehabilitation of lower body strength, and for exercises in balance and coordination. Training stairs are one of the most important pieces of equipment in the rehabilitation of patients with walking and balance issues at any time.

Straight rehabilitation staircase
Physical Therapy Stairs with Handrails

Features of Two-way Exercise Stairs

  • The handrails are adjustable for easy training.

  • The carpet is used to protect the trainer from slipping.

  • There are totally 12 pcs of strong guardrails for more safety. 

  • It is made of steel pipe, wooden stairs, and carpet cover with a higher loading capacity.

features of two sided Training Straight Staircase

Specifications of Training Straight Staircase for Physical Therapy

  • Model: SH-XFT-1
  • Height:122-150cm
  • Size: 337*83*122-150cm
  • Load capacity: 135kg
  • Material:composite board, aluminum