Introduction of 3-Section Therapy Couch

Featured with superior stability in all couch positions and applications, and quiet smooth operation, the 3-section physical therapy couch can offer maximum comfort for both the therapist and the patient. It is widely used in hospitals, families, wards, rehabilitation centers, sanatoriums, and other occasions.

3 section Therapy couch
application of examination couch

Features & Functions of 3-Section Therapy Couch

  1. According to the needs of the therapist, different postures of treatment couch were chosen to facilitate the treatment of different positions of patients with cervical, thoracic and lumbar spondylosis;
  2. The lower limbs of the treatment couch can be separated and adjusted in height, and various lower limb rehabilitation exercises can be performed according to the needs of doctors;
  3. It can provide effective and convenient drainage fluid for some patients with lung-related diseases;
  4. The treatment couch can be combined with other equipment for rehabilitation training.
adjustable size of Therapy table

Specification of 3-Section Therapy Couch

Product name 3 Sections Adjustable Physical Therapy Couch
Dimension 2050mm*650mm*500-900mm
Weight 150kg
Power supply 200va, 220v, 50hz
lifting adjustable distance continuously adjustable from 0-500mm
adjustable angle of the head section 0 degree to +70 degree continuously adjustable
adjustable lower body segment -90 degree to +35 degree continuously adjustable
Loading capacity max 225kg
Type Medical rehabilitation equipment
Function Used for rehabilitation training
MOQ 1pc