Overview of 4-Section Portable Folding Chiropractic Table

Our 4-section folding chiropractic table is operated by an electric footswitch that can control adjustments to the height, seat, and cushion angles. The chiropractic treatment table can assist and enable many different treatment techniques, and meet the needs of a broad spectrum of different practitioners. This stylish modern treatment table will enhance the appearance of any existing or new clinic.

  • Adjustable height

  • 4 sections

  • Folding

  • Cost-effective

Best chiropractic table
chiropractic treatment table can assist and enable many different treatment techniques.

Features of 4-Section Elevation Chiropractic Table

  1. Equipped with an electric foot switch for electric lifting, equipped with a handheld jog switch.
  2. Use good quality imported gas springs.
  3. Double lower limb bed surface separates the patient’s leg, so lower limbs separated and the angle can be adjusted independently.
  4. The treatment couch can be used either in manual treatment or acupotomologic therapy for minimally invasive spine surgery or joint diseases, so it can also be called a special table for minimally invasive spine surgery.
  5. According to the treatment, we should choose the different supine positions.
  6. This bed design allows the patient to be individually placed in a variety of treatment or acupuncture treatment, or in any relaxed position.
  7. With CE certificate

Parameters of 4-Section Portable Chiropractic Table

  • Model: SH-K-SF-4
  • Power supply: AC220V+-20v 50/60Hz DC24V
  • Rated input power: 190VA
  • The maximum loads: 200kg
  • Specifications: 2000x660x570-870mm
  • Lifting function: The bed surface lifting stroke is continuously adjustable from 0 to 300mm.
  • Head section adjustable angle:  -20 ° ~ +30 ° continuously adjustable
  • Lumbar thoracic function adjustment angel: 0 ° ~ +25 ° continuously adjustable.
  • Lower limbs section adjustable angle: -25 ° ~ +40 ° continuously adjustable
  • with 2 storage batteries