Overview of 5 Sections Therapy Table

The 5-section electric portable therapy table is a premium and high-quality piece of medical furniture designed with awesome flexibility and it is specially designed for therapists to treat and tend patients with cervical vertebrae chest back waist-hip problems. This therapy bed is sectioned, so the patient can be positioned for particular procedures or the isolated areas of the nervous and muscular systems can be treated individually. The therapy table is an adjustable table that can fold up or down for an increased range of treatment positioning options.

  • Electric

  • Height adjustable

  • 3-folding, 5-section

  • On casters

cervical vertebrae therapy bed
5 sections therapy table

Product Features of Cervical Vertebrae Chest Back Waist Hip Therapy Table

  1. Equipped with a foot pedal to control electric rising and falling.
  2. The bed surface can be divided into the cervical vertebra, chest back, waist-hip, three-fold five sections.
  3. The micro control panel of the bed can adjust to facilitate operation.
  4. Pneumatic spring adjusts the handrails to meet the needs of different positions.
  5. With CE certificate
Physiotherapy for relieve the pain of Cervical Vertebrae Chest Back Waist Hip

Technical Parameter of 5 Sections Body Training Bed

  • Model: SH-K-SF-5N
  • Power supply: AC220V 50Hz DC 24V
  • Rated input power: 240VA
  • The maximum loads: 200kg
  • Specifications: 2060 × 660 × 490 ~ 990mm ± 3%
  • Lifting function: The bed lifting stroke is continuously adjustable from 0 ~ 500mm
  • Head section function adjustment angle: -45 ° ~ +65 ° continuously adjustable.
  • Lumbar thoracic function adjustment angle: 0 ° ~ +20 ° continuously adjustable.
  • Lower body segment function adjustment angle: -0 ° ~ 70 ° continuously adjustable.
  • The arm brackets on both sides of the head segment: Adjustment stroke 0 ~ 200mm.