Overview of 6-Section Bobath Therapy Couch with Armrest

The professional treatment table, designed a stable & movable arm rests, is ideal for Bobath therapy procedures, massage, and examination. With their wide treatment surfaces and high lifting capacity, Bobath Therapy Couches are the ideal equipment solution for clinics, hospitals, and medical centers offering Bobath therapy.

  • 6sections couch, 66 cm wide.

  • Electrically height-adjustable by means of a low voltage (24V) footswitch.

  • Increased max safety load 200kg.

Electric therapy table for clinic
6 sections therapy table

Main Features of Electric Bobath Therapy Couch

  1. The 6 Sections Treatment Table is made of imported medical special environmental moisture-proof, anti-bacterial, fireproof materials.
  2. Equipped with an electric foot switch for electric lifting, equipped with a hand-held jog switch, can lift the treatment bed by inching switch.
  3. Adjust the height/angle of the bed according to needs, It is convenient for the therapist to treat all parts of the patient with massage and minimally invasive surgery.
  4. Equipped with the foot pedal to control electric rising and falling, the bed surface also can be risen and fallen by pressing a handheld inching switch.
  5. With CE certificate.
Bobath therapy for children can adult

Technical Data of Electric 6 Sections Bobath Table

  • Model: SH-K-SF-6
  • Power supply AC220V 50Hz DC24V
  • Rated input power 190VA
  • The maximum loads 200kg
  • Specifications (mm) 1950×660×560 ~860
  • Lifting function The bed lifting stroke is continuously adjustable from 0 ~ 300mm.
  • The function of arm brackets on both sides of the head segment Adjustment stroke 0 ~ 200mm.
  • Head section function Relative to the horizontal adjustment angle: -20 ° ~ +30 ° continuously adjustable.
  • Lumbar thoracic function Relative to the horizontal adjustment angle: 0 ° ~ +25 ° continuously adjustable.
  • Left and right lower extremity segment function Relative to the horizontal adjustment angle: -25 ° ~ + 40 ° continuously adjustable.