Introduction of 8 Sections Physical Therapy Table

The 8 sections physical therapy table is used for therapists to make treatment or massage the patients. This electric examination table is the perfect one to keep your patients comfortable and keep treatments going smoothly.

SH-XLC8 treatment table
Medical exam tables
Adjustable Physical Therapy Table
Multi-position examination table

Features & Functions of Multi-position Examination Table

  • You can set different supine positions according to the need for treatment.
  • Its four-fold 8 sections supine adjustment is convenient for patients to receive treatment for cervical vertebra, thoracic spine, and lumbar vertebra diseases with different flexion and extension posture.

  • The prone position can be adjusted to provide patients with lung diseases with a comfort drainage position.

  • The lower limbs are separated and can be adjusted so that each of the patient’s legs can receive treatment independently or relax. Besides, this special design allows the patient to lean back comfortably when he is in a sitting position.

  • The height of the armrest can be adjusted to make the patient feel comfortable in the process of treatment. That’s a user-friendly design.

  • It has a Foot Control height adjustment device and different positions can be adjusted, which reduces the work strength of the therapist as much as possible, ensuring the effect and efficiency of treatment.

  • It adopts imported special medical dynamo, which conforms to global electromechanical quality and safety standards (ISO, CE, UL).

  • The table surface adopts imported special medical materials, which are environment-friendly, moisture-proof, anti-bacteria, and fireproof.

  • Equipped with a foot pedal to control electric rising and falling, the bed surface also can be risen and fallen by pressing a handheld inching switch.

  • The treatment position can be electrically controlled.

  • It has a movable respirator.

  • The head and the leg are especially supported. Legs can be separated.

  • It has special foot control to fix or move the table body.

Specification of 8 Sections Adjustable Physical Therapy Table

Product name 8 Sections Adjustable Physical Therapy Table
Model SH-XLC8
Dimension 2120*660*490-990mm
Weight 150kg
lifting stoke adjustable distance continuously adjustable from 0-500mm
bracket adjustment distance on both sides of the head section adjustable stroke 0-200mm
adjustable angle of the head section -75 degree to +55 degree continuously adjustable
adjustable angle of the lumbar thoracic -10 degree to +65 degree continuously adjustable
adjustable angle of the thigh segment surface -10 degree to +50 degree continuously adjustable
adjustable angle of the left and right lower limb segment -60 degree to +50 degree continuously adjustable
Loading capacity max 200kg
Type Medical rehabilitation equipment
Function Used for rehabilitation training
MOQ 1pc