Introduction of Electric Rehabilitation Table

There are five series of rehabilitation tables for choice: Camino Treatment Scissors, Camino Treatment Danvers, Camino Treatment Cabell, Camino Treatment Avalon, Camino Treatment Infinity. These multi-function treatment tables are perfect for medical examinations, diagnostic examinations, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, reflexology, and massage, with adjustable height and width.

1.Camino Treatment Scissors

CTS with its Leg First feature can provide better body posture for leg and waist examination and treatment. Two tail sections can provide independent pneumatic controlled angle adjustment of 0°~80°. Its -75 ° to 40 ° pneumatic angle adjustable headpiece, can help patients to maintain a good sitting, prone or supine posture.

posture varieties of CTS treatment table

2.Camino Treatment Danvers

CTD treatment/therapy table is a very strong and versatile three-section couch featuring an adjustable angle backrest and foot section support for positioning the patient for various sitting or lying procedures. Both the backrest and foot section are easily adjustable, featuring a smooth anti-entrapment gas-operated back & footrest, and Hemet Medical guarantee this table forms the backbone of many clinics.

posture varieties of CTD treatment table

3. Camino Treatment Cabell

The sturdy Camino Treatment Cabell treatment table supports multiple posture adjustments. Double-sided synchronous pneumatic control of the tail-adjustment mechanism makes it more sturdy and achieves quiet and fast adjustment. The head section can be pneumatically adjusted from -75 °~ 40°.

posture varieties of CTC treatment bed

4.Camino Treatment Avalon

The CTA electric treatment table with 3 sections and 2 electric motors allows for many configurations. The central fold, adjustable by the electric motor, provides great versatility and many possibilities. This is a very strong and rigid bed designed for various manipulation and mobilization procedures and techniques. This model features a pneumatically adjusted backrest and an electrically adjusted middle section, providing additional comfort for patients.

posture variaties of CTA treatment bed

5.Camino Treatment Infinity

The Camino Treatment Infinity multi-functional diagnosis and treatment bed offers more posture adjustments. In addition to the – 75 ° to 40 ° pneumatic head section adjustment and the 0°~80° tail section angle adjustment, it also has a 40 ° middle section adjustment. It provides both users and doctors with a comfortable posture regardless of whether the user is in a sitting position, supine position, or prone position.

posture varieties of CTI treatment bed

Optional Accessories of Electric Rehabilitation Table

Control System, Breath Hole Design, Front Armrest, Side Armrest & Guardrails, Stand-by Caster System, Electrical Safety Lock, Paper Roll Holder, Sponge System

1.Side Armrest & Guardrails

side armrest and guardrails for choice
  • With revolving extended side armrest
    When extended side armrests are rotated to a horizontal position, it will provide patients larger support width and effectively improve the comfort and security of users. When you need to get closer to the patient for treatment, you can flip the armrest down. Side Armrest can be factory-installed or purchased separately.

  • With revolving guardrail
    Guardrail system will prevent the patient from falling or rolling out of the bed, help the patient reposition, sit-up, balance, stand or transfer to a table. It can be installed in the factory or by the customer. The swing-down feature allows this guardrail to pivot down and out of the way when getting in and out of bed or removing sheets.
  • With built-in rotating side armrest
    The built-in rotating armrests will not increase the support width of the bed, but the rotating and swing structure and the locking mechanism will make removing the armrest operation easier when doctors need space to reach the patient’s chest and back, or to be closer to the patient.

2.Sponge system

polyurethane foam
  • Soft polyurethane foam with PVC or PU vinyl
    Soft polyurethane sponge is usually used for massage, spa, and as a hone care bed. The thickness of the sponge pad is usually 2.5’’or 3’’.

  • Hard polyurethane foam with PVC or PU vinyl
    Hard polyurethane sponge is usually used in clinics and professional treatment institutions. Sponge pads are usually 2’’or 2.5’’

Self-skin injection foam
  • Self-skin injection foam
    our self-skinning sponge pad is made of 200kg high-density polyether through high-pressure sealed injection molding, and the skin is integrally formed. It is featuring durable, waterproof, oil-resistant, and anti-microbial. Self-skin injection foam is only suitable for treatment Cabell, infinity, scissors, Russell, Avalon, Danvers with a width of 27’’and 29’’.

3.Stand-by Caster System

Stand-by Caster System
  • The liftable stand-by caster system adopts the medical casters and the connecting rod operating system. The four casters can be released and retracted synchronously by foot pedal control. The bed can be moved easily when wheels are released, and the stability of the bed increased when the casters are folded up. The caster system must be installed by the original factory. Users are not allowed to install the caster system without permission to avoid accidental injury.

4. Electrical Safety Lock

electrical safety lock
  • The electrical safety lock adopts the traditional mechanical lock, which is safe and reliable. It is used to completely cut off the power supply and the motor and effectively avoid the operation and accidents of irrelevant personnel.

5.Paper Roll Holder

paper roll holder
  • The paper roll holder can be installed by users or factory. Maximum allowed width of paper roll is 60cm and maximum allowed diameter of paper roll is 18cm, which you can purchase anywhere in the market. Hardware pack for installation is included.

Technical Data of Electric Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Table

Model Length Width Electric Height Adjustment Foam Lifting Capacity Working Weight Product Weight
CTS-GB021103 78″/198cm 27″/69cm, 29″/74cm 18″/46cm~37″/95cm 2.5″/6.4cm 440lbs/ 200kg 600lbs/272kg 176lbs/80kg
CTC-GB111113 22″/56cm, 25″/64cm, 27″/69cm, 29″/74cm 169lbs/77kg
CTC-AE200112 /
CTD-GB211103 147lbs/67kg
CTD-GA010102 /
CTA-HA021103 167lbs/76kg
CTI-HE121103 174lbs/79kg