Overview of Physiotherapy Electric Treatment Bed for Stroke Rehabilitation

The multi-purpose stroke rehabilitation treatment physiotherapy bed is a four-folding-part seven-sectioned bed with a unique design. The treatment table has one motor for height adjustment and it is controlled by a footswitch manually. The stroke patient can do exercises in this bed comfortably. The physiotherapy bed is a very strong table designed to withstand constant heavy use with minimal maintenance.

stroke rehabilitation treatment physiotherapy bed
  • Electric

  • Height adjustable

  • 4-folding part

  • 7-section

  • With casters

  • Comfortable and functionality for exercise for stroke patients

Features of 7 Sectioned Physiotherapy Treatment Table

  1. The 7 Sections Physiotherapy Bed is equipped with an electric foot switch for electric lifting, equipped with a handheld jog switch.
  2. Conform to global electromechanical quality and safety standards(ISO, CE, UL)bed surface adopts imported specialized medical use environmental protection moisture-proof and antibacterial materials.
  3. Equipped with the breathing hole.
  4. The 7 Sections Physiotherapy Treatment Bed equipped with a pneumatic spring to adjust the armrest, make the patient more comfortable and meet the needs of the massage therapist.
  5. Head and legs adopt unique supporting parts, legs can be separated.
  6. With a CE certificate.
Physiotherapy bed for exercise in bed for stroke patients

Technical Parameter of Physiotherapy Electric Treatment Bed

  • Model: SH-K-SF-7
  • Power supply: AC220V 50Hz DC 24V
  • Rated input power: 190VA
  • The maximum loads: 200kg
  • Specifications: 2050X660X570-870mm
  • Lifting function: The bed lifting stroke is continuously adjustable from 0 ~ 300mm
  • Head section function adjustment angle: -20°~30° continuously adjustable.
  • Lumbar thoracic function adjustment angle: -0°~20° continuously adjustable.
  • Lower body segment function adjustment angle: 0°~20° continuously adjustable.
  • Lower limbs segment function adjustment angle: -70°~40° continuously adjustable
  • The arm brackets on both sides of the head segment: Adjustment stroke 0 ~ 200mm.