Overview of 9 Sections Exam Room Table

The 9 sections exam room table is durable and can accommodate patients weighing up to 200kg. The exam bed can optimize care, generate accurate and reliable examination, and improve patient positioning and closer accessibility, along with improved ergonomics for the practitioner. It is widely used in hospitals and medical clinics.

Exam room table
  • Physiotherapy

  • Electric

  • Folding

  • Height-adjustable

  • 9 sections

  • Multi-positioning

Features of Portable Medical Exam Room Table

  1. The lower extremities can be separated and adjusted so that the individual lower extremities of the patient can be independently placed in a variety of therapeutic and relaxed positions. This design can effectively provide a backrest function when sitting.
  2. Adjustable height of arm bracket makes patient’s treatment more comfortable and more humanized.
  3. Equipped with a footswitch for electric lifting, equipped with a hand-held jog switch, can be used to lift the treatment of the bed;
  4. With patient breathing hole;
  5. Shrinkable, ultra-silent castors;
  6. Four direction footswitch;
  7. Antibacterial and wear-resistant PU leather;
  8. The exam room bed is divided into nine sections, each section is equipped with a pneumatic spring, adjustable angle, can use a variety of methods to treat patients safely and effectively;
  9. Equipped with gas spring handrails, adjustable lift to facilitate patient comfort position;
  10. With a CE certificate.
examination in the exam room on the exam room bed

Technical Parameter of 9 Sectioned Medical Exam Room Bed

  • Model: SH-K-SF-9N
  • Power supply: AC220V 50Hz
  • Rated input power: 320VA
  • The maximum loads: 200kg
  • Specifications: 2110 x 680 x 480-980mm
  • Lifting function: The bed lifting stroke is continuously adjustable from 0 ~ 500mm
  • Head section function adjustment angle: -70°~45°continuously adjustable.
  • Lumbar thoracic function adjustment angle: -10°~65° continuously adjustable.
  • Lower limbs segment function adjustment angle: -70°~40° continuously adjustable
  • Thigh segment surface adjustment angle relative to the horizontal plane -5°~20° continuously adjustable
  • Left and right lower limb segment function Relative to the horizontal adjustment angle: -60° ~ +50 ° continuously adjustable;
  • The arm brackets on both sides of the head segment: Adjustment stroke 0 ~ 200mm.
  • The armrest of Waist and chest section: horizontal distance 130mm; abversion 130°