Overview of 4-Section Powered Hi-Lo Acupuncture Treatment Table

The newly designed 4 sections powered hi-lo treatment table, with a sturdy base and frame, provides superior stability for acupuncture treatment; with adjustable height and stylish design, can provide a convenient and dependable therapy solution to both physicians and patients. These treatment tables are ideal for any practitioner who requires the need to continuously adjust the table height.

  • Full height adjustment

  • Section mobility for proper positioning

  • 4-section

  • Durable and affordable

  • Wear-resistance

4-section powered hi-lo treatment table
Acupuncture treatment bed provides superior stability for acupuncture treatment

Main Features of Electric Hi-lo Treatment Table

  1. The 4 Sections hi-lo power table can be used either in manual treatment or acupotomologic therapy for minimally invasive spine surgery or joint diseases, so it can also be called a special table for minimally invasive spine surgery.
  2. The physiotherapist chooses different supine positions depending on treatment, four different supine position adjustment functions convenient for patients with cervical lumbar spine and arthropathy disease to have different flexion positions.
  3. The cervical thoracic segment design of this bed can provide comfortable and effective backrest support for patients.
  4. The 4 Sections power table is suitable for needle knife treatment and other therapy treatments.
  5. With CE certificate

Technical Parameter of Power Adjustable Treatment Table

  • Model: SH-K-SF-4B 4 sections
  • Power supply: AC220V50Hz
  • Rated input power: 320VA
  • The maximum loads: 200kg
  • Specifications: 2050x670x490-990mm±3%
  • Lifting function: The bed surface lifting stroke is continuously adjustable from 0 to 500mm.
  • Head section adjustable angle:  -75 ° ~ +40 ° continuously adjustable
  • Lumbar thoracic function adjustment angel: -10 ° ~ +65 ° continuously adjustable.
  • Lower limbs section adjustable angle: -10 ° ~ +50 ° continuously adjustable
  • with 2 storage batteries.